Visit LiteracyHead is an online magazine that focuses on providing tools for teachers to connect their literacy lessons with the visual arts. was a joint project between Sophisticated Sites and Jones Web Design

Website Features

  • Sophisticated Sites provided custom coding for the site
  • Joomla! Content Management System for easy updating
  • Organization of current issue to easily allow changeover to new issue
  • Flash-like javascript animation on menu and drop down menus
  • User registration and login
  • Protection for certain articles for paying customers only
  • Weekly analytics to monitor site traffic

River City Restoration

Visit River City Restoration is the online home for River City Restoration, a remodeling contractor serving the Jacksonville, Florida area

Website Features

  • Custom template based on customer vision
  • Slideshow
  • Image gallery for portfolio with lightbox
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Joomla! Content Management System integrated with design for easy updating of content
  • Weekly analytics to monitor site traffic

Complete Resources Building & Repair

Visit Complete Resources Building & Repair is the online home for Complete Resources Building & Repair, an Athens, Georgia based company specializing in Green Building and Solar Water Heating System Installation.

Website Features

  • Custom design themed to fit business
  • Wordpress integrated with custom design for easy updating of content
  • Two sites in one - different designs for Solar and Building
  • Flash-like javascript menu animation
  • Weekly analytics to monitor site traffic

Stonehenge Football & Cheerleading

Visit Stonehenge Football & Cheerleading is the online home for Stonehenge Football & Cheerleading, a part of Stonehenge Youth Association. Stonehenge provides an educational, cultural, and social experience for youth in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia.

Website Features

  • Custom graphic design using an actual Stonehenge Football image for background
  • Joomla! Content Management System for easy updating
  • Javascript menu with Flash-like animation
  • Easy-to-update photo galleries with lightboxes
  • Blog for each team within SYA
  • Event calendar
  • Weekly analytics to monitor site traffic


Visit SoBoNow is a robust selling community. Unlike conventional selling sites, there are no insertion fees or percentage of sale fees for selling an item on the site. Instead, sellers rent store space, and list as many items as allowed by the size store they choose. Buyers have accounts and pay sellers through PayPal.

Website Features

  • User registration and log-in
  • AdSense ads to earn revenue
  • Sophisticated Sites custom wrote code for back-end interface for users to add/deleate/update products, track shipment, track sales, track purchases
  • Each user on the site can have multiple stores and track each
  • Store color and logo customization for each store on the site
  • Shopping cart integrated for PayPal
  • Drop Down Menus
  • Review system for both stores and products
  • Integration with USPS for shipping quotes
  • Weekly analytics to monitor site traffic

Between The Hedges Shop

Visit Between The Hedges Shop is an online store specializing in University of Georgia Bulldogs memorabilia. They carry a selection of rare autographed items including footballs, artwork, and books. They also carry a large selection of non-autographed items that are perfect for any Dawg Fan's collection!

Website Features

  • E-Commerce integrated with PayPal
  • Custom design tailored to product offered by the business
  • Site search
  • Javascript menus with Flash-like animation
  • Weekly analytics to monitor site traffic